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How We Can Help You

Let us focus on your website while you focus on your business!

Website Design

We work with you in designing an amazing website for your business.

Security Monitoring

We fortify your website to make sure hackers are not able to mess with it.

Performance Reviews

We review the speed of your website and recommend changes (or make them ourselves).

Uptime Monitoring

We constantly check to make sure your website is online. Site down? We can get it back online asap.

Malware Scanning & Cleanup

We constantly scan for malware and can clean it up if there is malware on your website.

Discounted Support Rates

We offer discounted rates for repeat clients and those that utilize the services of our other companies.

Website Audit

We perform an audit on your business website to ensure it is optimally setup. If not, we can do it for you. 

Custom Website Services

We can customize a unique plan for your website to ensure it is up and running smoothly and securely.

Support Ticket System

We provide a support ticket system to make it easy for clients to communicate what they want done on their website.

Website and Database Backups

We periodically backup your website and database to ensure your data is safe.

Website Development

We can develop your website based on the agreed-upon specifications.

Host Management

We review your host and make sure the settings are optimal for your website.

SSL Certificate Installation

We install a secure sockets layer (SSL) certificate to let everyone know your website is safe and secure for them to use.

Staging Site

We create a staging site to do work on your website "behind the scenes" so it won't impact the current live version.

Core, Theme, and Plugin Updates

We make sure your website is using the latest technology by safely updating the core, theme & plugins.

About Us

WP Website Services focuses on web design, development, maintenance, and security services for local businesses.

We understand what it takes to start and/or manage a business. It is very rare when one has time to maintain, let alone develop their website.

WP Website Services is here for you!

Our purpose is simple...to make things easier for our you, our client.

We are based in Austin, Texas.

WP Website Services is here for you!
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